#KeepOnRecycling Winners – Week Four

Every Monday, our global teams select the three (3) most creative posts from around the world as winners of $100 in TerraCycle® points through the #KeepOnRecycling global social media contest! 

Here are the week’s winners:

1. Solene Ferreira (@SFDeurope) on Twitter – United Kingdom

As part of her Eco School Week, Solene’s daughter Milaya shows us how she keeps her TerraCycle items sorted in different containers for easy, clean shipping. The video even includes a lovely blooper reel at the end!

2. Association Activites Loisirs (Leisure Activities Association) on Facebook – France

A simple and effective trick for recycling the non-recyclable is to download and print the promotional poster that comes with each program, and decorating the collection box!

On this winning collection box it says, “Stop! Your pen is valuable! The writing instruments I use / I recycle.”

3. 萝卜的奇妙游记 (The Wonderful Travels of Radish) via Weibo – China 

You could be next! Before August 27, 2020, post a message, video or photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that shows how you are still collecting for your favourite TerraCycle programs. Just tag @TerraCycleAustralia or @TerraCycleNewZealand and include the hashtag #KeepOnRecycling.

All weekly winners of the #KeepOnRecycling contest will be entered for a grand prize draw of $1,500 at the end. Plus, entrants with at least 250 likes are eligible to enter to win $3,000 worth of TerraCycle points redeemable for donations to your favourite schools and charities!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the contest page for details and full the full prize breakdown, and follow the #KeepOnRecycling hashtag to keep up with collectors around the world.

For Kiwi TerraCyclers, please head to the New Zealand contest page for all the info you need.

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