How do I navigate the TerraCycle map?

The TerraCycle Map shows all the public drop-off points for our recycling programs across Australia and New Zealand. It maps our mission to divert hard-to-recycle rubbish from landfill.

You can use it to find the most convenient place to responsibly recycle everything from coffee capsules to empty beauty products, toothpaste tubes, pet food bags and a whole lot more.

How do I use the TerraCycle map?

Anyone in the community can access the TerraCycle map. To do this you first have to make sure you visit the TerraCycle site in your region and select ‘Find a Community Collection Hub’ (Click here for: New Zealand map, Australian map.

There are a couple of things you need to know upfront.
Only Community Collection Hubs are listed on the map. The Hubs register to use our free national recycling programs to collect for themselves and the wider public. The TerraCycle recycling programs they have signed up to are FREE because we partnered with a brand to sponsor the recycling of this difficult-to-recycle waste stream.

To find the Community Collection Hubs closest to you, simply type in your postcode and the type of waste you are keen to recycle, and the map will highlight the wonderful Community Collection Hubs in your area. Hubs typically include small businesses, councils, schools or shops.

If the Community Collection Hubs are too far away from you, you can always visit the program page to sign up for a program and download a free shipping label when you’re ready to send in your waste. (*Due to high demand, some of our programs may be full or waitlisted. This doesn’t mean that you can’t collect waste, as spots do tend to open up in the future, so it’s still worth signing up and sitting on the waitlist). 

Our private collectors don’t appear on the map. These collectors are recycling for themselves or their close community, and don’t have the capacity to act as a public collection point. They are hugely important to our recycling goals but having registered as private collectors, so they do not appear on the map.

The map helps you search for three major things:

  1. Where your nearest Community Collection Hub drop-off point is

2. How to search for a specific waste stream
It’s important to know that each Community Collection Hub can collect for different programs. So if you’re collecting for a specific program, you need to filter the location and the waste stream to find a drop-off point. 

  1. Opening hours of the Community Collection Hub
    Once you’ve searched the nearest drop-off point for a specific program you’re collecting for, it’s imperative that you check the opening hours for the Community Collection Hub. A lot of our Collection Hubs can be organisations like schools or shops, that will have set business hours and may not be open seven days a week.

Here are some typical customer journeys to help you navigate the map and guide you to the best solution for your household, your business, your school or community group:

Our household wants to become a private collector for coffee capsules

  • Visit the TerraCycle website.
  • Filter to your region.
  • Visit the program page for the waste stream you want to collect for, and make sure you register as a PRIVATE COLLECTOR.

To drop-off your waste at a Community Collection Hub:

  • Select ‘National Recycling Solutions’ in the top left. 
  • This will lead you to a drop-down menu, where you can select ‘Find a Community Collection Hub’, to take you to our map. 
  • Once there, type in your postcode and search for collection points near you.
    Or, type “coffee capsules” into the Search function to find the closest collection hub.

If there are no convenient collection points, you can sign up for the programs you are interested in and begin collecting at home or work. When you reach the shipping threshold (generally around 5-7kg) simply download a FREE shipping label and send your waste to us for recycling.
As a private collector you will not appear on the MAP.

Our school is keen to become a Community Collection point for tricky waste

  • Visit the TerraCycle website. 
  • Filter for your country. 
  • Click ‘National Recycling Solutions’ and then select ‘Become a Community Collection Hub’ to register as a Community Collection Hub and sign up for the sponsored programs that best meet your community’s recycling needs. These may include pens and other writing instruments, old toys, beauty and hair care products, and many more things that can’t go into kerbside bins.
  • Once you’ve registered, create a bin system to collect the different waste streams (if you visit the program page you can find accepted waste posters to print off and stick to your bin) and let your community know you’re collecting. 
  • When you’re ready to send off your waste for recycling, simply download the FREE shipping label and put your waste in a box that you can drop into your nearest Australia Post or New Zealand Post.

Your location will feature on the TerraCycle Map as a public drop-off point (unless you ask to be a PRIVATE collector). Be sure to specify your drop-off hours before joining a collection program.

For more information, assistance with sign up or collection station inspiration please contact

Why can’t I find Zero Waste Boxes on the map?

Zero Waste Box collection is not sponsored, so they do not appear on the TerraCycle Map. The Box owner is responsible for sending their full box back using a prepaid shipping label. You will then need to order a new Zero Waste Box to continue recycling.

A Zero Waste Box is generally purchased by an individual or an organisation such as schools, businesses or councils. Whoever purchases the Zero Waste Box owners can decide whether it’s for their own private use, or if they want to allow other members of the community to drop off their waste.

If you want to learn more about our Zero Waste Box solution click here for Australians or here for New Zealanders

Why are private collectors not on the map?

Private collectors don’t feature on the map because they’re only collecting for themselves. If someone wants to start collecting on behalf of the wider community they can always sign up as a Community Collection Hub and go public. 

Remember, if you become a Community Collection Hub, your location is added to the TerraCycle Map, and the wider community can visit your drop-off location within your opening hours to drop off their waste.

We hope this clears up any queries you have about the map. If you have any problems with your waste collections or drop-offs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer service team! 

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