5 ways to celebrate Earth Month (while working from home)

April is Earth Month – an entire month dedicated to activating the environmental movement worldwide. Earth Month aims to build a network of environmentally conscious citizens to drive transformative change for people and the planet.

So how on earth can we celebrate while being stuck indoors?

Here are some ways you can show love to the planet from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Share nature with friends and family
    If you’re one of the lucky few who get to experience some time in nature, rather than being cooped up in a concrete jungle, why not share it with the world online? New social media movement, #sharenature, is a way of helping those in self-isolation feel more connected to our beautiful planet. So, if you’re taking some timeout on a beach, in the bush, or even just in your own garden, take a moment to capture it and share it with your network.

  2. Love your plants
    Celebrate Earth Month by paying special attention to your own garden and plants. For many, plants can bring happiness and comfort, and surrounding yourself with some lush greens could really raise your spirits. You could even start propagating them using upcycled glass jars and gift them to friends and family when all this is over.

  3. Find more ways to recycle your waste
    Want to make some proactive changes while staying at home? Why not do a waste audit to see if there are any extra items you could be recycling. For example, you might be aware that aluminium cans go in kerbside recycling, but did you know that items such as toothbrushes, pens, beauty products and toys can actually be recycled (for free) through TerraCycle. You can also recycle just about anything through their Zero Waste Boxes, which can be purchased online.

  4. Use earth loving products
    If you’ve been cleaning furiously, as I have, then this one’s for you. As well as warding off germs, cleaning has become a form of exercise, meditation, and comfort amid all the chaos going on. Harsh cleaning chemicals are no good for the environment, however, so please think about buying ones that are earth-friendly, or even making your own.

  5. Time to upcycle
    There’s never been a better time to start all those home projects you had been putting off. While you’re at it, why not think about ways to upcycle any unused items in storage? There are thousands of ideas out there on ways to upcycle anything from cake tins to clothes hangers. Why not get cracking!

How will you celebrate Earth Month? Let us know in the comments below!

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