School students #KeepOnRecycling during Covid-19

There’s been plenty of good news stories circulating around the world about mother Earth regenerating during Covid-19 restrictions. From the now clear canals of Venice, to the plummeting pollution levels in China, you’ve probably heard or seen some of the amazing ways the planet is enjoying having a bit of a breather.

In the spirit of good news stories, we thought we would share some updates from the students and schools participating in TerraCycle programs. While the global economy has slowed down, the war on waste it seems is just getting started.

Students at Taabinga State School in rural Queensland have been growing their own fruit and vegetables in their new community garden set made with recycled materials. The school came second place in a nationwide competition to recycle the most oral care waste, taking out over 1,200 schools (some 3 times their size) from all across Australia!

Taabinga students with their recycled community garden
Taabinga gardeners: Maddison Turner, Savannah Holland, Brayden Holland, and Rutland Turner enjoy their new recycled garden

By collecting over 10,000 toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and dental floss containers, Taabinga proved their small size was no limit to diverting so many items from landfill.

If you would like to know more about this years’ Colgate Community Garden Challenge, then head to the contest page on our website for more details.

Timbarra students enjoy their recycled outdoor classroom
Timbarra students in their recycled outdoor classroom

Moving down to the state of Victoria, students at Berwick’s Timbarra P-9 College are preparing to have maths lessons taught in their new recycled outdoor classroom.

The classroom was donated by dishwashing brand Fairy and air freshener brand Ambi Pur to encourage participation in the Dish and Air Care Recycling Program. Now, students will be able to learn about the importance of recycling and restoring the planet in mother nature herself!

Across the globe, TerraCycle has also launched a global social media contest to encourage everyone to #KeepOnRecycling while staying home. All you need to do is post a message, video or photo on social media that shows how you are still collecting for your favourite TerraCycle programs. Make sure you tag us in your post and include the hashtag #KeepOnRecycling.

Up for grabs is a grand prize of $1,500 in TerraCycle points for the school or charity of your choice. We will be posting the weekly winners on our blog page.

You too can join the war on waste at home and #KeepOnRecycling!

Would your school like to be in the news or featured on our blog? If so, please fill in this form and someone from our PR team will be in touch.

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