Step up to recycling

How good is your recycling game? On a scale of kerbside to zero-waste, where would you say your recycling efforts score? TerraCycle, Clean Up Australia, Fairy and Coles have joined forces to encourage Aussies to recycle more of their waste from home through TerraCycle’s free recycling programs.

During July, dish care brand Fairy will be donating $1 towards Clean Up Australia for every one of their products recycled through TerraCycle, as well as $1 for any purchase of their products at all Coles supermarkets.

The funds will go towards their annual clean up event – Clean Up Australia Day – to purchase clean up kits, spread awareness and provide resources for participants.

Why recycle?

A growing problem across the globe, plastic waste is polluting our oceans, land and contributing to climate change. Recycling is one way you can help prevent waste from entering the environment and ensure more of the Earth’s precious resources are saved for future generations. At TerraCycle, we take most items that can’t be recycled in kerbside and we melt them down into recycled plastic pellets. These pellets are then used to make products such as garden beds, park benches and even playgrounds. This helps us use less of the world’s resources to make new products and is a step towards a global circular economy. At the moment, our economy is very linear, in that we buy items, use them up and then they are thrown ‘away’, and new ones are made. By recycling items instead, you are cycling the material back into the economy and lessening the burden on the planet to create new.

How can I make a difference?

You are one but together we are many. For an easy how-to guide of TerraCycle’s programs, check out our beginners guide to getting started. Another way you can make a difference is to use your purchasing power for good. When you’re at the supermarket, try to buy items that are recyclable over ones that aren’t. This way, you’re sending a message to the brand that you care about the recyclability of their products and demand better of the brands who don’t offer one. TerraCycle and Fairy have formed a unique partnership, in that Fairy actually sponsors the recycling of not only theirs, but all brands of dish care packaging in Australia. Purchasing these types of products are a way of voting for the future of the planet.

How do I know if something is recyclable?

Each state and region differ as to what council collection schemes will accept. A handy way to tell is to look underneath a plastic item and look for the chasing arrow symbol. If it contains the number 1, 2 or 5 then it will most likely be kerbside recyclable. But again, this differs across the country. For the most accurate information, we encourage you to do some research into the recycling system in your area.

For anything that isn’t kerbside recyclable, we encourage you to check out all the free recycling programs we offer. Many of them also allow you to raise money for the school or charity of your choice. Through the Dish and Air Care Recycling Program, you earn a small amount for every item you ship to us. Once you’ve accrued enough points, you can then pick a school or charity to receive them. Not-for-profits such as Clean up Australia benefit through this system.

How are brands making a difference?

Many brands have committed to the 2025 National Packaging Targets in which all packaging will either be reusable, recyclable or compostable. Fairy, under Procter & Gamble’s leadership, have taken this a step further through their 2030 Ambition Goals. P&G have set themselves the massive goal that all their brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption. Plus, they are also committing to finding solutions so that none of their packaging finds its way into the ocean.

Coles is also heavily investing in sustainable practices including minimising food waste, recycling, building energy efficient stores and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their work with Clean Up Australia involves the sale of reusable shopping bags designed by Australian school children. 10 per cent of the funds from the sale of these community bags is then directed to different charity partners including Clean Up Australia, helping to provide children’s gloves and compostable bags for schools, plus emergency clean up materials and first aid kits for communities nationally.

Want to know more?

For more information on any of our programs or to reach out for a chat, please email and one of our friendly team members will be able to help you.

Good luck with your own sustainability goals and remember that we are all on a journey and should help each other forward along the way.

Are there any other ways you’ve been stepping up for the planet? Let us know in the comments below!

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