Update on the Bausch + Lomb Recycling Programme

Bausch + Lomb Programme Closure

We are very grateful to Bausch + Lomb with whom, over the past four years, we’ve had the great pleasure of partnering to create a free recycling program for any brand of used contact lenses and blister packs.   Together your efforts saw over 1.6 million pieces of waste saved from landfill, and you raised over $4,200 in donations for Optometry Giving Sight!

Unfortunately, as of 28 February 2021 this recycling programme will end, and shipping labels will no longer available after 12 February.

A note to our collectors!

For all of our current collectors, please send in any waste you have collected before 12 February to ensure it arrives at TerraCycle before the programme closure.

What can you do with your contact lens and blister pack waste?

The team at TerraCycle are working hard to find a new partner to offer a solution for your contact lens and blister pack waste. You can also encourage your favourite contact lens brand to sponsor a solution with TerraCycle. Read tips about how to lobby brands here.

In great news, until that time comes, you can still find a zero waste solution for your contact lens and blister pack waste with our TerraCycle Contact Lenses/Packaging Zero Waste Box

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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