Why do we recycle when it’s better to reduce and reuse? 

In an ideal world, TerraCycle would not exist. 

Our recycling solutions are a response to the world’s challenge with waste that has been growing since the 1950s, and we know that we can’t recycle our way out of it. 

Letting go of our love of disposability, learning to see rubbish as a resource, and purchasing less will get us much further towards a sustainable solution. That is why we believe that business model innovation, like our Loop model for reuse, is a “better” answer for brands and consumers than recycling.

But there are still products that come in single-use packages and much of that packaging is in a form that isn’t accepted in municipal services for a variety of reasons.  Recycling is a way to capture and reuse those items that would otherwise go to landfills, and also address the shortage of raw materials needed by manufacturers who want to use more recycled inputs in their packaging.  

We work with our brand partners to integrate recycled content into their products and packages, design these items so they can be more easily recycled, and enable reuse options through Loop. Our goal is to eliminate the need for TerraCycle recycling programs altogether by helping companies make their products and packages reusable or locally recyclable. 

On a larger scale, many stakeholders need to work together to find meaningful and practical solutions to our waste crisis. In an effort to promote this cooperation, we are involved in many local, national and international committees and organisations that promote circular thinking and develop extended producer responsibility. 

While progress is being made at these high levels, there is still plenty that each of us can do every day before the need to recycle. Before you buy something new, consider whether there is something you could reuse or repurpose instead. Try to support businesses that promote circularity: for example, brands that offer sustainable solutions for their product or packaging. 

Until we arrive at a place where circularity is the norm, we’ll be here to help brands and collectors keep their rubbish out of landfills. And we look forward to making that journey with you.

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