Return to work sustainably 

After the disruption of the past couple of years, 2022 is the year we will slowly but surely transition back to the workplace. Many of us have formed a new hybrid of working from home and coming to the office, establishing new routines in the process. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re working from, you can embed sustainable practices into your home or workplace. 

As we launch into 2022 we can reflect on the year that’s been and consider the path forward, putting in place some simple, sustainable steps to shape our workplaces
Here are a few ways you can start reducing the waste in your working environment.

Get your team on board!

Still need convincing? Here are a few compelling reasons why your business should be more sustainable:

  • Save money: i.e. when you go paperless you also cut printing costs.
  • Increase sales: 90% of consumers surveyed by TerraCycle were willing to pay more for a product that offered a recycling solution.
  • Staff morale: Prospective and current employees are increasingly concerned about sustainability and want a workplace that adheres to their values. 
  • Boost reputation: 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly.
  • Meet Environmental Social Governance targets: Going plastic-free can also support a business in meeting its wider sustainability targets. This can be communicated externally to consumers or shareholders and reflects positively on the business. 

Get a grip on your waste!

  • Whether you’re at home or in the office, you’ll need to do a full audit of your rubbish. A waste audit will help you break down all the different types of waste in your workplace to determine ways you can start reducing your impact and the cost involved in disposing of the materials – for a deeper dive into completing an audit, read more here. For instance, if you’re seeing a lot of paper waste, you may consider taking steps to become a paperless office – which not only saves money and supports the bottom line, but is great for the environment!
  • Support your team and the wider community by setting up a recycling hub.
    • Once you’ve established the main recycling streams in your office, you can then sign up for one of TerraCycle’s free recycling programs.
      Set up boxes or receptacles for each of the waste streams – including ones for kerbside recyclables and general waste.
    • Encourage your colleagues to bring their recyclables to work where they can drop them all off in one place. For example, you can set up a collection hub in your office kitchen to collect any dishwashing and air care products and packaging through the Dish & Air Care Recycling Program. Once you’ve collected at least 2kg, you can download a free postage label and send your waste to TerraCycle for recycling – simple, right?

Go a step further and eliminate waste with a Zero Waste Box 

  • If our recycling programs don’t cover a waste stream you are keen to recycle, check out our range of Zero Waste Box office solutions, a catch-all for practically every tricky wastestream imaginable. Zero Waste Boxes are paid solutions for the hard to recycle. Our most popular boxes include the Safety Equipment and Protective Gear which accepts disposable face masks and gloves, the Break Room Separation Box and the Office Separation Box. 
  • With billions of face masks and plastic gloves going to landfill last year, and countless office items that aren’t recycled by councils, teaming up with TerraCycle is an easy way to make a difference. A few small changes at your workplace will encourage sustainable habits among colleagues, quickly building a community of dedicated collectors. What better way to kick off 2022? 

For more ways to convince your business to go green this year, check out our blog full of amazing tips, here.

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