Become a zero-waste wizard for New Zealand’s National Recycling Week

We’re constantly exercising our recycling muscles, but things really heat up during National Recycling Week in New Zealand. This celebration of sustainability runs from 17-23 October, with a program packed full of practical tips for reducing waste, reusing items and recycling more effectively.

Person sorting through rubbish to send for recycling in New Zealand during National Recycling Week.

While this is a self-directed event, there’s a bunch of educational activities, videos, games and tips to help schools, businesses and households jump into the circular economy throughout the week. Organisations and individuals can register for free to participate and track the impact of their waste reduction and recycling efforts.

To keep you on your toes, each day of National Recycling Week has a theme that comes with resources, challenges and tips. 

Procurement Monday: Kick-start the week with discussions around reducing what you purchase to only include items (and packaging) that can be recycled, reused or repurposed.

Waste-free Tuesday: Day two challenges you to cut out any rubbish you create to get a taste of a zero-waste lifestyle.

Reusable Wednesday: On hump day you’ll focus on all things reusable, from reusable coffee cups and carry bags to refillable cleaning products and food wraps.

Rinse & Clean Thursday: Learn all about contamination in the recycling process and ensure your kerbside bins are spick and span on Thursday.

Reflection Friday: Spend Friday unpacking everything you’ve learnt and make specific commitments to reducing waste in your home, workplace or school.

Spring Clean Weekend: ’Tis the season for a sustainable Spring clean, so declutter your cupboards and identify anything that can be reused, repaired, recovered or repurposed around the house.

When you do need to recycle items, double check whether or not they’re accepted in your kerbside recycling bins. If not, TerraCycle’s free recycling programs or our pre-paid Zero Waste Boxes can help you recycle almost anything.

And hey Aussies, it’s your turn next. Mark 7-13 November in your calendars for Australia’s National Recycling Week.

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