How to recycle all brands of your favourite products through TerraCycle’s free recycling programs

Our free recycling programs are the solution for all kinds of hard-to-recycle rubbish that stacks up around your house. 

Many of our brand sponsors have created free recycling programs for the entire category. This means you can recycle all brands of the items in that category—whether it’s beauty empties, toys, or pet food packaging—through that single program. So convenient! 

Cardboard box with TerraCycle logo on it and rubbish falling in. On a green background with a question mark.

Many of our programs are mail-in—you mail us your items for recycling using a free shipping label. However, several programs are also used by our network of public drop-off points and others are only available at select retailers. Visit the TerraCycle website to learn how you, can get started with each program. 

Below is the complete list of free recycling programs in Australia which accept all brands of products and packaging in their categories. They can help you recycle common household rubbish from room to room. 

Recycle in the kitchen 

Recycle in the family room

Recycle in the bathroom

It’s easy to get started in any of these programs, and you can join as many as you’d like. Click the links above to learn more.

And don’t forget, when you send shipments of rubbish through many of our free recycling programs, you’ll earn TerraCycle points which can be redeemed as donations to your chosen school or charity. So start recycling today!

One thought

  1. I need info on recycled reusable food take out containers for our 700 person Very Senior Retirement Community .
    Meals are prepared in 4 dining rooms & about 1/3 are pickup but not able to be returned because the containers are not reusable or recyclable


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