Good News: This March, a single-use plastic ban will come into effect in South Australia!

As of March 1, 2021, South Australia will take decisive action to tackle the issue of single-use plastics:  the sale, supply and distribution of plastic straws, cutlery and plastic stirrers will be banned. 

South Australia will be the first state in Australia to introduce laws around single-use plastics and has already flagged further bans, from 2022, on polystyrene cups, bowls, plates, clamshell containers, and all products with oxo-degradable plastic 

The good news doesn’t stop there – the South Australian government also announced that it has longer-term plans to review coffee cups, plastic bags and other takeaway food service items.

We’re thrilled by this news and hope it encourages other states in Australia to sit up and take notice too. Australia is not alone in introducing laws of this nature. Since January France has been taking significant steps towards its goal of abolishing single-use plastic by 2040, by banning the sale of confetti, disposable cutlery, straws, coffee stirrers, drink lids, steak markers, disposable plastic balloon rods and polystyrene fast-food boxes.

For people who live outside of South Australia who still want to do their part, there are still a few things you can do to recycle these single-use plastics:

  1. Encourage big brands to invest responsibly in recycling programs to properly dispose of their product packaging.
  2. Petition for local government in your state or territory to enforce laws around single-use plastics.
  3.  Visit our website and select your region to check out some of our free national recycling programs.

2 thoughts

  1. South Australia has always led the way with Sustainability/Recycling and I feel ashamed to live in a state that is lagging so far behind in following suit. Wonderful news for South Australians! 🤗


  2. Hi Liz! It really is amazing news. We can only hope that this will set an example for other states, and raise awareness around this to make change. 🙂


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