A few inspiring people we love to follow

Each and everyone of us are on our own journey to discovering more about how we can live more harmoniously with the environment. Each day brings new learning and new discoveries. The key to making a difference lies in our ability to band together to share our knowledge and spread awareness. 

Living a sustainable life can touch on so many different areas. That’s why we wanted to share a few inspiring people we love to follow people for how they live out sustainable lifestyles everyday.

  1. Plastic-free Boy

Arlian Ecker isn’t even out of his teens and is making national news for the work he’s doing to raise awareness around single-use plastics. The Byron Bay native has encouraged thousands of students around Australia to reduce their plastic use, while petitioning government to bring in bans and sanctions around single-use plastics. 

Arlian continues to travel around schools in Australia teaching the generation of tomorrow about how they can make a difference today!

You can follow him on: @plastic_free_boy

  1. Eco Warrior Princess @EcoWarriorPrincess

Jennifer Nini, otherwise known Eco Warrior Princess, has been covering every environmental issue under the sun for over a decade. From sharing daily tidbits from her very own organic farm on how to harvest and grow vegetables at home, to championing important environmental causes, Jennifer effectively cuts through the noise to provide everyday people with achievable ways they can live out more eco lives!

  1. Tim Silverwood @Timsilverwood

Tim Silverwood is an award-winning conservationist who co-founded Take 3 for the Sea, that is built around the simple belief that every person can collect just three pieces of rubbish from a beach or waterway every time they visit. What seemed like a small idea has kickstarted a global initiative to change every day habits.

As an expert on sustainable issues, Tim has featured in ABC’s War and Waste and TEDx Talks, and continues to spread the word through podcasts and inspiring talks!

  1. Laura Wells @iamlaurawells

Laura Wells is a science communicator, presenter and model. She’s used her platform as a plus-size model to not only spread incredible messages around body positivity, but to change people’s behaviours and understandings when it comes to single-use plastics and the environment.

Constantly on the hunt for new information, Laura holds degrees in law and microbiology. 

  1. Shark Girl Maddison @sharkgirlmadison

Maddison Stewart started scuba diving at only 12 years old. These close encounters with the ocean gave way to a special relationship with marine life. Maddison was particularly drawn to one of the most misunderstood and mistreated aquatic creatures – sharks. 

She spends her days underwater with a camera in hand, creating stunning documentaries that uncover vital insights into the lives of sharks, so that everyday people can understand the important role they play in conserving the broader ecosystem.

  1. Plastic Free Mermaid @Platicfreemermaid

Kate Nelson lived out a decade of being  plastic-free. Everyday she shares easy tips and tricks on how you can remove, reduce and recycle. She brings people aboard the plastic-free lifestyle on immersive sailing trips away, where you can connect with the ocean while living totally plastic-free.

  1. The Environmental Cowboy @environmental_cowboy

Khory Hancock brings a fun and adventurous twist to being an Environmental Scientist through his persona as the Environmental Cowboy. As the Environmental Cowboy, Khory makes sometimes dry and difficult topics more digestible; particularly for young audiences.

He travels the country using social media and speaking engagements to spread the word about sustainability and providing easy everyday tips. 

  1. Dr Anita Vandyke @Rocket Science 

Dr Anita Vandkye believes that we can all live an ‘eco-luxe life’ by making simple everyday decisions. We totally agree that living harmoniously with nature, doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t hold onto parts of our lifestyles that we love. We just need to find a balance between these things.

As a qualified rocket scientist, med student and author, Dr Anita provides expert advice on how we change our everyday habits to become more eco.

  1. Raeywn & Kieron @LittlebitDaily

Sometimes it can feel as though our efforts are wasted. Little Bit Daily, is a refreshing reminder that small things can add up, and every individual has a part to play in making a difference.

Based in Wellington, NZ and run by two friends who are passionate about reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, Raewyn and Kieron share a mixture of handmade, upcycled and restored items that can be found in any household. 

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