Kickstart 2022 with eight eco-resolutions!

The countdown to 2022 is well underway. As we look forward to a new year and new beginnings, it’s time to take stock and set new goals. For many of us, living sustainably and reducing our impact on the environment is something we are committed to doing, but we may not always keep track of our progress. A great way to ensure you make a difference is to set achievable resolutions and tick them off as early in the year as possible.

With 2022 right around the corner, we thought we’d share some ideas for eco resolutions you can set for the coming year.

  1. Host a clothes swap

There’s no better way to bring your friends together and refresh your wardrobe than with a clothes swap. We all have those ‘can’t find anything to wear’ moments, despite having a wardrobe full of clothes. Save money and the environment by swapping and changing unworn clothing with your nearest and dearest. 

  1. Start composting

It will come as no surprise to many of you that composting is on this list. If it’s something you’ve been considering for quite a while, make 2022 the year that you finally bite the bullet and start a home compost. Organic waste can break down in a matter of weeks, compared to plastics which take hundreds of years to decompose. However, when food scraps are disposed of in the rubbish it decomposes slowly, releasing methane which is over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. A far better option than throwing your food scraps in the bin is to start a home compost. Check out our blog on how to start a home compost.

  1. Get more plants!

Plants don’t just make your house look brighter and greener, they have loads of benefits – houseplants have been proven to boost mental health, they act as natural air purifiers and improve your air quality, and they’re some of the most eco-friendly decorations you can deploy around your home. There’s no need to invest big in plants. Instead, try to propagate your own plants – read more here.

  1. Start recycling hard-to-recycle items

Most of the waste that you’ve ever thrown into the garbage is still sitting in landfill today. Here at TerraCycle, we believe that everything can be recycled – and we mean EVERYTHING! So let’s make a real effort in 2022 to send as little as possible to landfill. There are tonnes of free national recycling programs for complex waste streams from beauty products, dental care products, toys, razors, hair care products and aerosols – the list goes on and on. Sign up for TerraCycle’s free national recycling programs in either Australia or New Zealand and see how much your household can keep out of landfill.

You can also recycle soft plastics in Australia at participating Coles or Woolies through RedCycle or Soft Plastic Recycling in New Zealand.

  1. Switch to a green energy provider

When you’re thinking about switching to a green energy provider, you may encounter the following assumptions:

  • Green energy is more expensive – FALSE. Switching to a green energy provider can actually save you money on your energy bill. 
  • I live in a share house and it will be expensive to switch providers – FALSE. These days, almost all energy contracts are no lock-in, meaning you can leave and switch energy providers at any time without needing to pay an exit fee.
  • Changing to a green energy provider is a super simple lifestyle change I can make to reduce my impact on the environment – TRUE. 
  1. Walk, cycle, public transport, rideshare

Where possible, you can reduce your carbon footprint by finding alternative means of transportation other than driving alone. Offering a friend who is also driving a lift reduces the number of cars on the road and can save you both money on parking and fuel. Getting extra steps in or cycling is a great way to boost fitness and mental health. 

  1. Buy second hand

The second-hand economy is booming! Luckily demand isn’t driving up prices. Thrift shopping, Facebook marketplace or Gumtree are amazing places to shop second hand. When you buy something second hand, even if it’s fast fashion or an unsustainable product made of plastic, you’re still doing your part for the environment. That’s because you’re negating the need for virgin materials to be extracted from the environment which is both energy and resource-intensive. 

  1. Reduce your meat consumption

We can all do our part for the environment by reducing the amount of meat and animal products we consume.  If the world adopted a plant-based diet we would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 to 1 billion hectares. Reducing your meat consumption can also be great for your health. Even just taking small steps by abstaining from meat for two days a week can make a considerable difference.

We hope this inspires you to set some environmentally friendly resolutions for 2022. By setting the intention early and ticking off your goals early in the year, you can create positive habits that make a real difference to you and the planet. 

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