Have yourself a sustainable Christmas

When it comes to waste-free gifts, the possibilities are endless. If you’re struggling to pin down the best zero-waste gift for the people on your list, there are a number of steps  you can take to fast-track the process and improve your gifting footprint

1. Ask for Wishlists

The best way to avoid buying something that’s unwanted is to ask your friends and family for detailed wishlists. Even if their list doesn’t include any eco-friendly choices, at least you’re reducing the likelihood of an unwanted gift winding up in a landfill.

2. Shop Slow and Early

2021 has proven to be a challenging year for shipping and stock. To avoid panic buying your gifts or missing out on the items you truly want, start your Christmas shopping early and take it slow. 

Who knows, you may even be able to score an awesome deal! 

3. Reduce Where Possible

Shopping from the right places can reduce our environmental impact, even for the most mainstream gifts on your list.

Instead of purchasing from the first site you land on, search for companies that ship with lower-impact services, limit or use recyclable packaging, or use Australian-sourced products and resources. Shopping local benefits local businesses and the environment.

4. Recycle Right

Finally, as you clean up on Christmas morning, remember to recycle rather than loading up the rubbish bin. 

Even hard-to-recycle items can be kept out of landfills by utilising TerraCycle collection platforms! Find a local collection spot near you.

Your Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

Now that you know these 4 simple and sustainable waste-free Christmas gift giving ideas, it’s time to chip away at your Christmas list! From reducing your consumption to recycling right, we can’t wait to see how you tackle your zero-waste Christmas goals!

Want more tips and tricks for reducing waste at Christmas? Check out our other blog posts to learn everything you need for a more enjoyable and more sustainable holiday season! You can also check out amazing eco-stores like Go For Zero have loads of sustainable gift ideas!

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